Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary

I sit here and think of you today
trying to find the right words to say

You gave me happiness, you gave me freedom
each day with you has been exciting, not a single day of boredom

We have helped each other grow, with each life experience
Strengthing our relationship, perception and patience

We have had our ups and downs, rosy times and sad
but our life together has always been eventful, and for that i am glad

You are the most faithful and trustworthy person i know
I am yours and you are mine, nothing or no one else in tow

You are a man of simple needs, you always say
I am happy, at ease and in love with you, because you are that way

Last but surely not the least, you gave me the best gift that i could ever ask for
My 3 little babies, a perfect family i adore

Its been only 10 years and this is just the start
of our life together till death do us part.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary Anant. I Love You.