Friday, February 14, 2014

To Dear Manu
Feb 14, 2014
Happy Birthday!

Dear Aarnav,
Wish you a very Happy Birthday my baby. I cannot believe you are already 8 and almost 5 feet tall! The years are surely flying by. You are my favorite boy in the whole world and I wanted to tell you that today. You are kind, obedient and dedicated. You are also sensitive and caring towards Sai and Salo.

I wish that you enjoy your day to the fullest by playing with your friends and having a fun Valentine ’s Day party in school. I hope you liked that gifts that Baba and I got you. I bet you are excited for your birthday party tomorrow at Miramont as well. I hope you like the football stadium cake I made for you.

Always be honest to yourself. It does not matter what your friends or others say or think about you. What is important is that you give your best shot to everything that you want to do. Give all of your energy, time and thought to the things at hand and you will always be a winner. I wish you best of luck to win a trophy this year as that has been your dream for some time now. I am sure if you work your hardest Ram Bappa will make sure that you get a trophy.

Whether you get a trophy or win in something or not, Baba and I will always love you no matter what.
Lots of Hugs and Big Kisses to you.



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